Hi 👋

My name is Fernando Bunn, I’ve started to develop apps for phones as a hobby since 2006 with (the glorious 😂) J2ME. I’ve dedicated my career to iOS development since 2008 when Interface Builder was separated from Xcode (with those majestic floating windows 🙃) and iOS was called iPhone OS.

Since then I’ve contributed to the development of the first Salesforce iPad app, developed apps like the first version of the Maxim/Outside magazine for the iPad, StoryDesk which was a native presentation iPad app later acquired by Showpad, and founded a mobile design and development studio. Currently I work remotely at MyTime on the MyTime Scheduler for Merchants app. You can find more on my Linkedin.

My goal with this site is to write (hopefully 😅) interesting things about iOS development (or anything else I feel like it)